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A Customer Portal Solution for Water Utilities

AquaHawk is the most widely used consumer engagement solution in the water utility marketplace. We currently work with more than 60 utilities. We record, analyze, and present hourly consumption data for more than 650,000 meters.

The application is affordable, user-friendly, and will help your utility improve customer service and operate more efficiently. Advanced leak detection and notification capabilities empower water providers to quickly identify abnormal usage patterns, and then proactively communicate with customers via text message, e-mail, automated phone call, or direct mail. By offering customers access to their billing and usage data, they'll have the information they need to use water more efficiently and save money.


Engage Customers and Reduce Support Calls

AquaHawk offers a variety of customer self-service options that are available 24 hours a day. Providing useful information enables clients to answer their own questions and reduces customer service calls.


Easily Resolve High Bill Issues

AquaHawk makes it simpler and more efficient to manage high bill complaints because customer service staff can see the same consumption information that customers see. Employees can show customers when they may be using water unknowingly, simultaneously addressing their billing concerns.


Prevent High Bill Complaints

Threshold alerts help utilities prevent complaint calls that are caused when customers receive unexpectedly high bills. Users can set an amount of money ($) or an amount of water (gals.) they don't want to exceed, and be automatically notified when they are trending to, or surpass those values.

Customers also use this capability to monitor for unauthorized water consumption when they are traveling or are away from their homes.


Proactively Notify Customers about Potential Leaks

AquaHawk offers the most accurate, reliable leak detection system available. When combined with an alerting system that includes text, e-mail, phone, and direct mail notification, water agencies can help their customers avoid costly and unnecessary water usage, as well as prevent property damage.


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Encourage Water Efficiency

AquaHawk is a powerful water conservation and efficiency tool. It offers:

  • Comparisons to similar users that reveal how an account can use water more efficiently
  • Water budget and conservation target graphs (i.e., use 12,000 gals. per month or reduce usage by 25%) that show customers graphically how they're doing against a budget, ordinance limit or savings goal
  • A process for managing daily water restrictions (i.e., customers with even addresses can only irrigate on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Landscape watering guidance. Combines landscape area, weather, rainfall, and consumption data to determine when an account may be overwatering.


Mobile Device Access

Access your water usage information from a smartphone, iPad, or other mobile device. AquaHawk offers a mobile browser-friendly view of key data and existing alerts.


Non-Revenue Water Tracking

Reporting capabilities in the application will monitor non-revenue water (NRW) losses by analyzing the amount of water supplied to a utility's system, what was stored, uncategorized usage, as well as demand-side sales. Staff can track NRW losses by day, week, month or other time period.


Promote Online Payment & Paperless Billing Services

If your utility offers online payment or paperless billing services, buttons within the AquaHawk portal can be linked to those sites, encouraging customers to use them. Single sign-on integration can be enabled so users don't have to login multiple times.

If you don't have an online payment or paperless billing provider and need one, please contact us.


Committed to Information Security

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of information security through our internal policies and external systems. We actively protect the privacy and confidentiality of your customers.

We use a reputable, high quality, cloud-based hosting provider that offers multiple layers of operational and physical security so you can be sure your data is safe and protected. Backups are automated and geographically diverse replication prevents any data loss in the event of a hardware failure, network disruption, or large scale power outage.


Turn "Big Data" into Actionable Information

Even small utilities (5,000 connections) can generate millions of reads every year (43,200,000 reads at 1 hr. intervals). That's a huge amount of data that needs to be analyzed, interpreted, and prioritized. AquaHawk turns large datasets into actionable information that utility staff members, and your consumers, can understand and use.


Export Usage Data

For customers interested in analyzing their own consumption data (e.g. with Microsoft Excel), an integrated data export feature enables users to create a .CSV file with hourly, daily, or monthly values, for all of their accounts.


AquaHawk Datasheet

Download a product datasheet by clicking the link below.

pdf icon   AquaHawk Datasheet (PDF)


See an Online Demonstration

To see a video of AquaHawk capabilities for utility customers, click here.

To see a video of AquaHawk capabilities for utility employees, click here.

For a live online demonstration, contact us today.