Utility Benefits

  • Expands online services
  • Provides self-service tools so customers can answer their own questions
  • Improves customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhances customer communications
  • Simplifies leak detection and notification
  • Enables employees to resolve high bill complaints faster
  • Reduce leak forgiveness expenses
  • Boosts participation in water and energy conservation programs
  • Easy-to-learn and operate
  • Hosted service...no hardware or software investment required
  • Highly configurable
  • Integrates with most utility billing and financial applications and commercial AMI system
  • Secure and reliable
  • Affordable!



Intuitive and Easy-to-Use - Whether your audience is 18 or 80, adept at using technology or not, AquaHawk/UtilityHawk is a user-friendly system that presents information in an immediately understandable way. Utility staff members will require minimal training

Online Help Site - An online help site shows customers step-by-step instructions and short videos on how to perform routine functions

Advanced Leak Detection & Notification - Many AMI headend systems require utilities to run daily reports to find leaks, tampering, and other problems. It's not uncommon for these systems to flag hundreds of potential issues. Many flags are "false positives" creating unnecessary work for utility staff members.

AquaHawk uses statistical data analysis to determine when leaks, over-irrigation, and other problems have occurred. Custom rules can be applied to each account so that different types of water users--residential, commercial, or industrial--can be evaluated correctly.

Analyst Review - Experienced analysts review all leak alerts before they are presented to the utility for action. The system prioritizes problems and provides a powerful communications system so staff members can alert customers.

Multiple Notification Methods - Utility staff can alert customers via e-mail, text message, automated call, or direct mail.



Vendor-Neutral Solution - Don't be tied into a single vendor for your meter reading system, Meter Data Management System (MDMS), and your customer portal application.

Our solution is platform independent and works with Silver Spring Networks, Tantalus TUNet, Sensus FlexNet™, Aclara STAR® Network, KP Electronics Mega-Net, Itron ChoiceConnect™, Neptune R450™ and R900®, Badger GALAXY®/ORION, Zenner STEALTH, Datamatic MOSAIC™ and other leading systems

Powerful Search Capabilities - A powerful keyword search capability enables utility employees to pull up accounts by partial: name, address, account number, meter number or other account attributes

ePay - Integrate with Online Payment Services - Buttons in the application can be linked to a utility's online payment system. Single sign-on integration makes it easier for customers to use these cost-saving services

eBill - Integrated Paperless Billing and Online Bill Presentment Module - Registered customers can view, download, and print their utility statements. Users can also sign up for paperless billing and receive an e-mail notice anytime a new utility bill has been issued

View Water, Electric, and Gas Usage Data for All Accounts - Utility staff can easily view usage data by current and prior: hour, 24 hrs., week, month and year, for residential, commercial, and industrial accounts


Import Contact Information - Phone and e-mail contact information may be imported into the system from any utility billing/financial application

Add Notes - Utility staff may enter notes into a customer's account record

No Hardware or Software Investment Required - AquaHawk uses the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or subscription model. There's no hardware or software to purchase and the application is operated using a standard Web browser and an Internet connection. Implementation is fast and easy, requiring minimal involvement from your IT staff

Configurable Login Page - Utilities can customize the AquaHawk/UtilityHawk home page by adding their logo, editing any text on the page, and configuring various URL links

Account Tagging & Grouping - Group accounts by entering custom tags/labels. Enables utilities to categorize different water users and find them quickly


Achieve Water Conservation Goals - Customers can see how their usage compares to a: water conservation target, water budget, ordinance limit, or price tier

Comparisons to Similar Users - A powerful way for utilities to encourage efficiency is to show customers how their consumption compares to similar users

Integrated Rainfall and Temperature Information - The solution displays historical temperature (high, low, average) and rainfall information synchronized to consumption data