We've been using the AquaHawk system for more than three years. This system serves three primary functions:

- Providing an online customer interface for query of usage in gallons and dollars
- Customer defined usage and leak alerts sent via e-mail, text, or automated call
- Automatic utility-defined leak notification services.

To say we are pleased is a gross understatement. The system was implemented within days of us reaching an agreement and has worked extremely well since. I guess I'm actually more impressed with the folks at AmCoBi and their willingness to adapt the system to meet our needs, and the needs of water providers.

Our customers love the application and so do our staff. They no longer have to spend so much time calling customers about leaks. As we continue to collect valid e-mail addresses, cell, and phone numbers our team will save even more time.

The cost of the system is far lower than anything else we looked at, and it's made a big impact on the level of service we can provide our customers!
Posted By: Chesterfield Rural Water Company, SC
G. Griggs, Controller
We all love AquaHawk! It is very user-friendly and our customers appreciate the capabilities.

We are very excited about the Web portal, how it will improve our customer service, and help our customers become more self sufficient. AmCoBi has the best product out there.
Posted By: Oro Valley Water Utility, AZ
S. Seng, Water Utility Administrator
Thanks! The AquaHawk system is sweet. I’m receiving so many compliments about the alerts and notes of gratitude, it’s crazy.
Posted By: Mt. Werner Water, CO
We just checked out account xxxxxx and the pool was running over to the point that the pool house was full of water. Another great catch AquaHawk!
Posted By: Castle Pines Metropolitan District - CO
I am so excited! This program is amazing. Rainfall data, usage spikes, leak detection. There's no end to its usefulness in my work.
Posted By: Pagosa Area Water & Sanitation District - Customer
Thank you so much for the heads up about the leak! We really appreciate it and my husband is so impressed about how friendly Mt. Werner Water is. Compared to other utilities, you all are great.
Posted By: Mt. Werner Water - Customer
I don’t know what I would’ve done without Metro’s help taking care of my leak while I was away.
Posted By: Castle Pines Metropolitan District - Customer
As a Property Manager, I have found tremendous value in Metro’s new AquaHawk leak detection program. In a span of three months, Metro discovered two of my properties using much more water than usual. One property would have sustained tremendous water damage if the leak had not been discovered by Metro, and the cost of that lost water would have been substantial.
Posted By: Castle Pines Metropolitan District - Property Mgr.
I was not aware that you monitored water usage and was really happy to learn about these services. I much prefer that you follow up on increased usage rather than learn later that we had a leak issue at our house. Thank you again!
Posted By: Oro Valley Water Utility - Customer
Thank you for the phone call today and your follow up. I really appreciate you reaching out to me on the increased water usage at my house. Given that the home has been vacant and is on the market, and that I live in California, I was very pleased to hear from you.
Posted By: Castle Pines Metropolitan District - Customer
First let me say, I love this website. It has allowed us to better manage our water usage and through that process, we've made significant reductions in our water consumption over the last 6 months.
Posted By: City of Highland Village - Customer

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