What does it do?

AquaHawk and UtilityHawk are customer portal solutions for water, electric, and gas utilities. The application helps providers improve customer service and consumer engagement, by enabling your clients to create an online account, view their consumption data, see an estimate of their bill, and perform a host of other valuable functions.

Water utilities benefit from an advanced leak detection system that accurately and quickly identifies abnormal usage patterns, and then provides a comprehensive notification system to proactively communicate with customers via text message, e-mail, automated voice call, and direct mail.


Who is it for?

If your utility uses a manual, handheld, or mobile drive-by Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, our customer portal offers a variety of capabilities to expand your online services. These include:

  • Displaying monthly/bimonthly water usage
  • Showing customers how their usage compares to water budgets, similar users, and conservation goals
  • Links to online payment and electronic billing services.

If your utility has implemented a fixed-base Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system or "smart meter network," there are a host of advanced features available to you that include:

  • Rapid leak detection and notification (water)
  • Threshold alerting
  • Estimated billing
  • Time of use monitoring (electric).

Many utilities promised customer access when they deployed their AMI networks. AquaHawk and UtilityHawk help you fulfill that promise.


Electric use On Peak


How does it help your utility?

Our utility clients are always surprised by the positive customer feedback they receive as a result of implementing our consumer engagement system. This solution can transform the utility-customer relationship from "they-just-send-me-a-bill-every-month" to "my provider cares and is trying to help me."

AquaHawk/UtilityHawk promote customer self-service by providing useful information in a way that's easy for customers, of all technical abilities, to understand. The system encourages customers to answer their own questions online thereby reducing support calls.

Resolving high bill complaints is effortless because utility staff members, and customers can simultaneously review the same usage patterns online, to identify where issues may be occurring. Many of our utility clients have been able to reduce or eliminate costly leak forgiveness programs.

AquaHawk/UtilityHawk offers a direct, low-cost communications system for connecting with customers. If customer responsiveness is one of your goals, this system will help.


How does it help utility customers?

Our portal applications help utilities improve customer satisfaction every day. Utility customers benefit by being able to see how they can use water, electricity, and gas more efficiently. Not only can customers save money but they have more control over their utility expenses.

Abnormal usage problems that often lead to expensive bills, property damage, or unnecessary utility consumption, are detected quickly. Customers specify how they want to be notified: text, e-mail, phone call, or direct mail.

In the words of one of our end-users:


"First, let me say I love this website. It has allowed me to better manage our water usage and through that activity, we've made significant reductions in our consumption over the last 6 months."


Comprehensive Training & Support

Even though our portal solutions are intuitive and easy-to-use, comprehensive training and ongoing support are provided to ensure that your team can operate the system effectively. Outstanding, personalized service is what you can expect every time you call and speak with a "live" representative.

Give your customers access to the information they want and need. As they experience firsthand the valuable benefits of AquaHawk/UtilityHawk, they'll wonder how they've managed without it. Moreover, they'll thank you for helping them control their utility usage and meet their monthly budgets.


See an Online Demonstration

We recommend scheduling an online Web demonstration so you can see firsthand the comprehensive capabilities our consumer engagement solutions offer. It takes about 30 mins. and you can view the demonstration from any computer with an Internet connection. Contact us today.