Should your utility decide to implement the AquaHawk customer portal application, you can expect:

  • Responsive service and support
  • A team dedicated to accomplishing your objectives
  • Fast turnaround.


Kickoff Meeting

Your utility will be assigned a dedicated project manager to collaborate with your team throughout the entire setup process. We will schedule a kickoff meeting to identify the project team, discuss various tasks, and set a timeline.

Our team will work with yours to:

  • Integrate and automate accounts data from your utility billing/CIS system
  • Integrate and automate usage data from your meter reading system
  • Configure the portal to your organization's requirements.


Unlimited Training

After the portal has been launched, your team will work with our product trainers to learn how to operate the system. So that employees don't have to set aside several hours or days for onsite training, AquaHawk training is conducted online.

We recommend shorter (1 -1.5 hrs), more frequent training sessions. We work around your team's schedule. We offer unlimited training to ensure that your team feels comfortable managing the system.


Unlimited Phone & E-mail Support

We provide third tier support to your employees via telephone and e-mail. 95% of all calls are answered immediately by a "live" person. If you don't reach one of our staff members, we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


Regular Follow-Ups

Our team regularly checks in with clients after AquaHawk has been implemented to see how things are going, manage any issues, and listen for feedback and suggestions. AmCoBi works diligently to be a trusted partner to your organization.