AquaHawk Case Studies

Case Study: Seacoast Utility Authority, FL

Service Connections: 36,000 | Households + Businesses Served: 51,560 | Meter Reading System: SensusAMI

CaseStudy Article SUA FrtHighlights

  • Identified potential water leaks and enabled SUA to easily alert customers
  • Reduced onsite service calls for high bill issues
  • Helped support staff answer customer inquiries more effectively
  • Offered customers more self-service capabilities.

Case Study: City of Wooster, OH

Service Connections: 9,600 | Population: 26,540 | Meter Reading System: Aclara AMI

CaseStudy Blog CityofWoosterHighlights

  • Improved the City's ability to identify leaks and rapidly notify customers
  • Reduced customer support calls
  • Delivers useful data for managing the water system
  • Gives customers more control over their water consumption.



Case Study: City of Redmond, OR

Service Connections: 10,000 | Population: 30,000 | Meter Reading System: Aclara AMI

CaseStudy Blog CityofRedmond frontpageHighlights

  • Implemented an automated past due notification program that reduced the number of customer shutoff visits by 30%
  • Launched a community outreach program to meet State-mandated water conservation requirements
  • Expanded the tools available to employees enabling them to perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently.



Case Study: Dublin San Ramon Services District, CA

Service Connections: 21,524 | Population: 78,000 | Meter Reading System: Sensus FlexNet™ AMI

CityofDublin outlineHighlights

  • Dramatically reduced daily potable water use and irrigation consumption during 2014 resulting in a lower State mandated water conservation standard (12%) than other neighboring districts for 2015. Easily meeting that standard
  • Reduced the number of accounts receiving excess usage penalties from 1009 to 65
  • Implemented a consumer engagement solution and enrolled more than 7,675 accounts--nearly 40% of their customer base.

Case Study: Castle Pines Metropolitan District, CO

Service Connections : 1,682 | Population: 4,556 | Meter Reading System: Mobile AMR / Sensus FlexNet™ AMI


•  Prevented the loss of more than 5.5 million gallons of water (16.9 acre-feet)
•  Saved the District $225,000 in avoided water costs (purchase, treatment, and distribution expenses)
•  Identified a wide variety of leaks caused by: broken toilets, malfunctioning appliances, leaking irrigation lines, improperly
    programmed irrigation clocks, pipe breaks, and more
•  Enhanced the level of service to CPMD customers by proactively notifying them of problems and preventing costly property damage.