Customer Benefits

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Integrates with online payment services
  • Offers electronic billing (eBill)
  • Customers specify how they want to be contacted--text, e-mail, phone, or direct mail
  • Offers more control over utility expenses
  • Helps consumers understand how they're using utilities and how they can save
  • Provides timely alerts when problems are detected
  • Helps prevent property damage
  • Simplifies customer-utility communications
  • Enables utility customers to benefit directly from the AMI/AMR equipment investment.



Easy-to-Use - The AquaHawk/UtilityHawk applications are intuitive and immediately understandable for end-users

Timely Alerts - Customers receive alerts via their preferred mode: e-mail, text, telephone, Web or direct mail

Threshold Alerting - Customers can specify an amount of usage (gallons/kWh/CCFs) or an amount of money ($) they want to spend each month. If they are trending to, or exceed this threshold, the system automatically sends them a notification. This capability helps customers better manage their utility costs

eBill - Integrated Paperless Billing Module - Registered customers can view, download, and print their utility statements. Users can also sign up for paperless billing and receive an e-mail notice anytime a new utility bill has been issued

Estimated Bill-to-Date - Customers can login and see an estimate of their bill anytime during the billing cycle. The system displays the number of days in the billing cycle

Projected Final Bill - Based on your utility usage patterns, the system will calculate an estimated final bill amount.


View Multiple Accounts - From a single user name and password, access all of your utility accounts

Third Party Account Access - Customers can allow property managers and others to access their online accounts. These users can also receive alerts

Mobile Device Support - View your online account information with a smartphone, iPad, tablet computer or other mobile device.

Alerts History - View a  history of alerts and notifications sent by your utility

Communicate Directly with your Utility - Customers may enter notes in the portal and request the utility provider to contact them

Online Help Site - An online help site with instructional videos and explanations on how to use various features is included.


Achieve Water Conservation Goals - Customers can see how their usage compares to a water conservation target, water budget, ordinance limit, or price tier

Comparisons to Similar Users - A powerful way for utilities to encourage efficiency is to show customers how their consumption compares to similar users

Integrated Rainfall and Temperature Information - The system displays historical temperature (high, low, average) and rainfall information synchronized to consumption data.