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Configurable Home Page

The AquaHawk home page can be configured for your utility--logo, text, and links.
Customers gain access to their online account information by completing a simple online form. They specify how they want to be contacted, i.e. text message, e-mail, phone call, or direct mail.






Screenshot - Customer Portal View


Customer Portal View

Customers can login anytime and see their utility usage, an estimate of their bill, and any outstanding alerts.
They can see how their usage compares to conservation targets, water budgets, similar users, previous time periods, temperature and rainfall.






Screenshot Threshold Alerting



Threshold Alerting

Customers can specify thresholds--$ or amount (gals./kWh/CCFs)--and be notified if their usage has exceeded, or is trending to exceed, the specified value.







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Multiple Alerting Methods

When it's time to alert your customers, you can easily and simultaneously send text messages, e-mail, make automated phone calls (AquaVoice) and deliver direct mail.
The system reduces the amount of time and effort utility employees will spend notifying clients.