eBill - Offer Electronic Billing

AquaHawk and UtilityHawk now offer an integrated eBill module that enables registered users to view, download, and print PDF copies of their utility statements. Every time a new utility bill is issued, a copy is uploaded to the customer's online account.

Customers can sign up for paperless billing and receive an electronic bill in lieu of a printed bill. Each billing period, eBill subscribers receive an e-mail notice with:

  • A PDF copy of the bill attached
  • A link back to the portal where they can access the bill.

Utilities benefit from reduced printing and postage costs; customers benefit from expanded billing options.


OnlineBillPresentment PaperlessBilling


ePay - Integrated Online Payments

AquaHawk/UtilityHawk can be "connected" to your utility's online payment system. Customers click a Pay Online button in the portal and are automatically transferred to the payment site. A Single Sign-On (SSO) process can be implemented so customers don't have to login twice.

If customers would normally have to type in contact or billing information--information already stored in the AquaHawk database--the system will transfer that data automatically. By simplifying the online payment process, customers are encouraged to use these services more frequently. Utilities benefit from the cost savings associated with processing fewer checks or cash payments.


PaymentusMobileViewNeed an Online Payment Provider?

If your utility doesn't offer online payment options or is dissatisfied with your current provider, call us. We've partnered with Paymentus Corporation to offer a fully integrated online payment system.

Paymentus offers one of the most user-friendly, versatile online payment portals available. Their processing fees are affordable and their services include:

  • Different payment types (one-time or recurring)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Pay-by-text
  • Pay-by-e-mail
  • Mobile applications and more.

AquaHawk/UtilityHawk will integrate directly with the Paymentus online system.


See an Online Demonstration

To see an online Web demonstration of the eBill and ePay modules, contact us today.