AmCoBi Launches Intelligent Water Conservation Solution to Help California Utilities Meet Mandated Water Use Reductions

Two New Additions to AquaHawk Alerting Encourage Customers to Conserve Water

Water Use Reports | AquaHawk AlertingCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, April 30, 2015 – California water utilities without AMI or "smart meter" systems can now offer customers new ways to help reduce water use, thanks to two enhancements to the AquaHawk Alerting™ Web-based portal.

"AquaHawk Alerting is the only solution available that empowers utilities with first- and second- generation metering equipment to provide some 'smart meter' capabilities to their clients," announced Bobby Lee, AmCoBi President. "Governor Brown mandated reductions from 8 to 36% for major California water suppliers. Utilities must encourage all their customers to save."

While smart meter networks offer rapid leak detection, notification, and projected usage, 80% of water utilities still use manual, handheld, or mobile "drive-by" Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems that collect reads every 30 days. Customers don't know how much water they're using until they receive a bill. This makes it easier for them to exceed reduction limits and face fines or penalties.


Two Options for Utilities Using Manual/AMR Systems

AmCoBi is launching two enhancements to AquaHawk Alerting:

  1. Water Use Reports delivered via print or e-mail, that compare consumption to drought targets.
  2. Customer-entered meter reads that are used for usage projections and alerts.


1. Innovative Water Use Reports

The new reports are designed for utilities that utilize manual or drive-by systems. They show water users how their consumption is trending compared to an assigned conservation limit, and highlight available water efficiency programs. To see sample reports, click here.


2. Automatic Alerts Based on Customer-Entered Meter Reads

Motivated consumers can manually inspect their water meters and enter reads into the online portal, as often as they want during the billing cycle. AquaHawk analyzes the reads against the conservation target. If the customer's usage is trending to exceed the limit, the system will automatically alert the user via text message, e-mail, or automated phone call.


About AquaHawk Alerting

AquaHawk Alerting is an affordable Web-based portal solution for utilities of all sizes. AquaHawk is the most widely used portal solution in the water utility marketplace. It helps utilities accurately identify leaks, proactively notify customers, and encourage water efficiency. To learn more about this solution, visit:



For Immediate Release: April 30, 2015

Contact: Todd A. Brehe
Tel. (719) 694-1979

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