Usage data for all DSRSD accounts is automatically transferred to AquaHawk--up to four times daily--so that customers have a near real-time view of their water consumption at anytime.

In response to the severe California drought, DSRSD also implemented mandatory limitations on water use earlier this year. Each residential customer is allowed 4,480 gallons of water per week. If a customer exceeds this limit, there are financial penalties that can run as high as $1,000.

In order to help DSRSD customers keep their water use below the drought limit, AmCoBi developed an "Accumulating" graph that shows residential accounts how they're doing against the limit, on a week-by-week basis.


DSRSD accumulating graph

When registered users exceed 90% of the water limit, they receive an automatic notification sent via text message, e-mail, or automated phone call, so they can modify their consumption and avoid any penalties.

AquaHawk is helping DSRSD customers dramatically reduce their water usage, save money, and ensure they don't violate drought ordinances.